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Council 93 has come up with some unique training topics that is open up to all of Higher Ed employees.  Of course with COVID these will be remote via Zoom.

Training sessions for interested members will take place on Tuesdays from 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Session 1:        March 15 : Role of a steward
This training will walk new stewards (and those that need a refresher) through their various roles when acting in a steward capacity and how to identify if a grievance exists. Tips, tools, and strategies for being a great steward. The equality doctrine and the legal rights of union stewards.

Session 2:       March 22: Five Steps of Grievance Handling
This training includes identifying grievances, an overview of the 5 steps of the grievance process, and a deep dive into investigating grievances. Asking the right questions, meeting timelines, fulfilling the duty of fair representation, guiding the grievant through the process, an overview of the whole process with tips for success.

Session 3:       March 29: Documenting and Writing a Grievance
Marshalling your evidence, asking the right questions, union requests for information and documentation to the employer, organizing your file, building a strong case, anticipating the employer’s arguments, preparing for a strong presentation, and guiding the grievant through the process.

Session 4:        April 5: Moving Workers to Action
This session includes best practices for approaching new hires, identifying leaders, and mobilizing members to build power in the workplace. Supercharge your grievances! Direct action strategies and tactics to mobilize members to resolve workplace problems. Building union members sense of their own power and understanding through experience that they are the union.

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