Contract Funding Update

April 21, 2022

Sisters and Brothers:

Since AFSCME local 1067 members ratified the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with the Board of Higher Education back in November we have been questioned by members, ‘When will we get our money?’. With any governmental process it takes time.  Funding was approved on April 1st by the legislature and on April 4th Governor Baker signed into law the supplemental budget containing our pay increases. Currently, the state comptroller is in the process of calculating the raises and retroactive amounts for distribution. Given the nature of  the OT rates, shift differentials, step increases, etc- it is the most complicated of the higher ed contracts and they need time to do it and do it right/accurately. They anticipate the following dates for completion:

  • 5/27 check- raises
  • 6/10 check- retro
  • 6/24 check- COVID bonus.

We ask for your patience with this process. It has been a long journey, but the end is in sight.
In Solidarity,
Local 1067 Leadership

Bi Weekly Salary chart for 2020-2023 contract.