August 2, 2023 UPDATE

There will be informational ZOOM Meetings to review proposed changes to the 2023 AFSCME CBA one year extension. We understand that your time is valuable, and while we encourage attendance, we respect your decision if these meetings do not fit your schedule or have already reviewed the proposed changes and feel confident in your understanding.

Monday, August 7th
Wednesday, August 9th
10:00 am and 3:30 pm

ZOOM link

Meeting ID: 834 3685 3353

July 21, 2023 UPDATE

Dear Union Siblings,

We wanted to update our members on the ongoing contract negotiations. We had hoped to be farther along in the process than we currently are. However, the lead negotiator for the Board of Higher Education (BHE) has resigned which has resulted in significant delays on their end with the negotiation process. The Union has submitted our requested use for the pool of money that is being offered and anticipating a signed agreement within the next week or so. Once we receive that signed document we can move the process forward.

As with all bureaucracies there are a number of events that need to happen before we see the changes in our paychecks, and retroactive money in our pockets. All of which take time.

  1. AFSCME needs to receive the official signed agreement from the BHE.
  2. The entire dues paying membership is invited to meet and discuss with AFSCME Union leadership the proposed changes.
    1. These meetings are tentatively scheduled for August 7 & 9 via Zoom.
  3. The entire dues paying membership will vote to ratify (accept) the changes of the contract.
  4. The date for voting has been tentatively set for August 10. It is important to emphasize that all voting will take place in person and on campus, with no exceptions.
  1. If the membership votes to accept the agreement, the union leadership then sends the decision back to the BHE who forwards it to Governor Healey’s office.
  2. Governor Healey’s team will review it to ensure that there is adequate funding among other things.
  3. It is then forwarded to the legislature for inclusion into a supplemental budget.
  1. The legislature will not be voting on supplemental budgets until about September.
  2. Once approved, it will not take long for you to see the increase in your bi-weekly paycheck.
  3. The retroactive money will have to be calculated (and double checked) before it is distributed, most likely in late October or November.

Just a reminder what the tentative one-year contract extension agreement between the BHE and AFSCME Local 1067 entails.

  1. Salary Increases:
    • A 4% salary increase the first full pay period (FPP) in July 2023. (this will be in the form of a retro check)
    • Another 4% salary increase will be implemented in the first full pay period of January 2024.
  2. A pool of money amounting to approximately $1.15 mil.
    • The bargaining committee agreed that this pool of money should be used to uplift the lowest-paid members of our union.
    • Members in positions at grade 9 or less, such as Maintainer 1, Institutional Security Officers 1&2, Baker 1, Dietary Workers 1&2, etc., will receive a one-grade increase at the same step.
  3. Further Consideration for Additional Titles:
    • After all the grade increases have been implemented, there will be a small amount of funds remaining in the pool.
    • The bargaining committee and the BHE will meet within sixty (60) days of ratification to discuss which additional titles can be included in the upgrade.

To ensure an accurate and eligible voter list, stewards are asked to request the HR/payroll department to provide a list of all dues-paying members who are eligible to vote. If your name is not on the list, regrettably, you will not be eligible to vote.

We appreciate the hard work and dedication of all those involved in this negotiation process. Your continued support and participation are crucial in shaping the outcome of this agreement.

In Solidarity,

Thomasine Corbett, President, Northern Essex Community College
Linda Hogan-Shea, Vice President, Westfield State University
Janet Cartwright, Treasure, Bridgewater State University
Joe Morgan, Police Liaison, Bridgewater State University
Cynthia Cahill, Interim Secretary, Mass Bay Community College
Nicole Carey, Parliamentarian, Framingham State University