2020 – 2023 Contract update January 11, 2022

  • Process for contract funding:
  1. Negotiate contract changes with the Board of Higher Education (BHE) Summer and Fall of 2021
  2. AFSCME membership votes to accept the changes Monday, November 15, 2021
  3. Bargaining agent and union signs off on the changes with the BHE, Last modification signed on November 24, 2021
  4. BHE has 30 days to submit it to Governor Baker to sign off Gov. Baker signed it on December 17.
  5. Governor has 45 days to submit to the legislature for funding. Pending
  6. The legislature will vote on the funding as a supplemental budget. Supplemental budgets are signed about once every month and there is no timeline on when they sign it.
  • At this time all Board of Higher Ed contracts are in the que but have not been submitted to the legislature
  • Retro COLA (cost of living adjustments) will be for all employees: present – retired – deceased and/or left service (resignations, terminations).  First current employees will be calculated then employees who left service
  • COVID pay – will only be paid to employees that were on the payroll the first pay period of July 2020 and were still on the payroll date of the execution of the agreement
  • We clarified that the DATE of execution of the agreement is the DATE the agreement was fully signed NOVEMBER 24,2021.

When we get any further details on the timeline for the funding we will send out a notification to all of you to share with your campuses.

Successor Agreement Covering July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2023